Your wardrobe definitely demands a change, when monsoon makes a grand entry through scorching summer but don’t let the rains dampen your sense of style, Here are some handy styling tips, coz a fashionista knows to pull up best of outfits even in gloomy season!

Wear light & go short!


Upon the arrival of monsoon it is quite impossible to not get drenched, so try avoiding fabrics like denim and silk. Instead opt for thin cottons, nylons and polyesters, which are quicker to dry and comfortable. Or you can get one of those fancy waterproof pants. It is also the time to bring out those short dresses and hot-shorts hidden in your closet, coz who wants to step in a puddle and drip all day?

Be handbag ready!

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One might want to skip handbag while its pouring, but that isn’t advisable. Do carry a bag to keep all your essentials including umbrella. Especially while travelling. You can also opt for transparent nylon bags to level up your style game.

Trendy protection



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Get over those dull and boring raincoats & umbrellas. Its time to Paint the world in rainbows, get the most vibrant protection this season. You can also opt for see through ones.

Other than the conventional umbrellas, try out Waterproof wide-brim hats ones that can withstand a downpour.

Vibrant feet!

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Monsoon can be tough on footwear, make sure you choose the right ones. You can go for colourful-crocs and waterproof boots they can be flat or knee high and can be easily bought online.


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All the wetness in monsoon can cause quite a few infections. Make sure to dry yourself well. You can choose waterproof socks under your formal office shoes, to keep your feet from infections.Go light on make-up as well and let your skin breath. A waterproof mascara and lip balm should suffice.

Monsoon is all about fun dressing, follow these simple styling tips and stay in Vogue!